About Us

Our hand-picked menu strives to enhance the classics while at the same time showcase regional favorites. From the mild flavors of the bustling Parsi and Iranian cafes of Old Bombay, to the fiery dishes of the southern coast, we hope our flavors will satisfy both the novice and enthusiast. Our goal is to enhance the subtle flavors that Indian cooking is famous for, from hints of cardamom, fennel and anise, while at the same time tantalizing your taste buds with the world famous heat of chili and peppers.

Our Story

imli was founded from a combined passion for Indian cuisine, which in turn sparked a desire to create a unique and memorable dining experience. As three self-professed foodies with discriminating tastes, though inspired by the vast amount of options in NYC, we've always had the craving for something different from our current choices.

A place where ambiance, service and cuisine are all treated equally.

All this in a modern atmosphere, where the charm of exposed brick, a partially open kitchen, full service bar, and outdoor garden seating enhance the already welcoming ambiance.

Just as in the Old-World Parsi cafes of Bombay, where patrons from all walks of life spent countless hours relishing the company of their counterparts and savoring the diverse flavors of India, we hope you will join us at Imli to do the same.

Our Promise

At our establishment, the quality of service is just as important as the quality of our food. Just as we ensure our food is prepared with the freshest quality ingredients, we emphasize hospitality. We train our staff so they are knowledgeable and present yet unobtrusive. We will make every attempt to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.